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Hump Magnets

Request A QuoteMetal-Katcher Hump Magnets provide excellent protection against tramp iron contamination in enclosed flow lines.

Hump Magnets are used in gravity feed systems as well as pneumatic systems with moderate positive or negative pressures.Hump Magnets

Although Hump Magnets are most effective when used with dry, free flowing material, they also provide excellent results with lumpy, hard to flow material.

The shape of the Hump Magnet directs the flow of material into the magnetic field of two powerful Metal-Katcher Plate Magnets for maximum efficiency. Lumpy material is usually broken up as it passes through the hump, releasing ferrous contaminates for easier separation. The hinged Plate Magnets swing open for quick manual cleaning.

FEATURES:Hump Magnets

  • 12 GA HRS housing (Stainless steel if using rare earth magnets)
  • High intensity ceramic magnets


  • 304 Stainless steel housing
  • Rare Earth magnets
  • Inspection windows
  • Easy clean magnets
  • Transitions
  • Spout face magnets
  • Pneumatic self-cleaning assembly