Metal-Katcher Grate Magnets provide a high-intensity magnetic field to remove ferrous metals from free-flowing materials. Our Grate Magnets are constructed of 1 inch diameter stainless steel magnetic cartridges placed on 2 inch centers and welded to 1/8 inch thick stainless steel stringers.

Metal-Katcher Co. Open Grate Magnets are easily installed inside hoppers, chutes, ducts, or bins. Open Grate Magnets are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes to fit your equipment, and equipped with deflectors to insure maximum product contact with the magnet surfaces.

The same high-energy magnetic cartridges used in Open Grate Magnets are used to make Grates In Frames. Used in or below hoppers, in closed chutes, floor openings, catch bins, and other locations, Metal-Katcher Magnetic Grates In Frames offer the most efficient method to protect processing equipment and insure product purity.

In most applications a single bank of magnetic cartridges is sufficient protection. Banks can be added if necessary for more complete protection. Frame styles can be designed for your application.

Designed especially for high product flow applications in gravity feed spouting systems, Metal-Katcher Magnetic Grates In Housing effectively remove ferrous fragments and fines from free-flowing material. Housings are constructed of 12 gauge mild or stainless steel. Transitions and/or adapters are available.

Inside the housing are two or more high intensity Magnetic Grates In Frames. Cleaning of the magnets is easily accomplished by removing the cover plate of the housing and sliding out each magnet assembly. Easy clean and pneumatic self- cleaning models are available for those situations where frequent cleaning is necessary, or if the magnet is in a location that is difficult to access.

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