Permanent magnetic hand-operated sweepers, suspended sweepers, and towed sweepers are used in many industries to eliminate safety hazards, reduce maintenance costs, and to help keep floors and traffic areas clear of dangerous metal debris.

Permanent magnetic sweepers are the most effective devices available for picking up ferrous metal objects – more effective than vacuum sweepers, wheel sweepers, or broom sweepers. Permanent magnetic sweepers are also cost effective since there are no costs associated with their operation. Regardless of how often they are used, or how much steel they pick up, permanent magnets consume no energy and never wear out.

Our magnetic sweepers are built to last through many years of demanding service. All Metal-Katcher magnetic sweepers are manufactured of heavy-gauge mild and stainless steel … not thin sheet metal, plastic or aluminum.

Metal-Katcher manufactures eleven styles of permanent magnetic sweepers. We provide both standard and custom designs for all the products we manufacture. Each style is available in a number of sizes to accommodate virtually any sweeping requirement. We’re always ready to assist you in choosing the best magnetic sweeper for your specific application. If you require a specially designed sweeper, we will work with you to manufacture one to your specifications – quickly, and at a competitive price. No matter what your needs, our experts can design a system for your application.

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