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Inline Separators

Request A QuoteMetal-Katcher Inline Magnetic Separators provide continuous protection of processing machinery and enhancement of product purity in gravity flow and pneumatic line systems. Inline magnetic separators are available in five standard sizes to fit 4″ to 10″ diameter lines.

Installation is quick and easy in horizontal or sloped lines with standard Morris couplings.Cleaning is accomplished in our smallest unit by swinging open the hinged magnet and wiping attracted material from its face. Larger-sized units provide access to the magnet face through a removable door in the side of the housing.Inline Separators


  • All Stainless steel, fully welded construction
  • High intensity ceramic 8 magnetic material
  • Simplicity of construction and operation
  • Exposed Pole plate magnet design
  • Compression couplings


  • Rare Earth magnets
  • Spout Face plate magnet design
  • Coupling type
  • Easy clean models