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MKS5000R/A Road/Airfield Magnetic Sweeper

Request A QuoteThree sweepers can be towed side-by-side with one towing vehicle for up to 24 feet of magnetic sweeping width.

Key Benefits

  • The ultimate magnetic sweeper for large areas such as airfield runways, municipal parking lots, state and county roads, etc.
  • Magnet assembly can be trailer-mounted (as shown), bumper mounted, or carried by a forklift.
  • Super-power magnets enclosed in a heavy gage welded housing are height adjustable to provide sweeping clearance from 2″ to 6″.
  • Cleaning the magnet is accomplished by pulling a release handle.MKS5000R/A Road/Airfield Magnetic Sweeper
  • With optional Extended Width Trailer, three sweepers can be towed side-by-side with one towing vehicle.
  • Equipped with 4.8 x 8″ pneumatic tires, safety reflectors, safety chain, and your choice of coupling attachments.
  • Trailer constructed of heavy steel members for long lasting performance and durability.
  • Standard sweeping widths of 60″ to 96″