An Introduction To Magnet Sweepers

Metal-Katcher Products, a division of W.M. Kelley, has been around for a while. We are, you would say, experienced. We know the best ways to capture ferrous object debris (FOD) that may cause you problems in your operations.

Established in 1951 to manufacture permanent magnetic sweepers and magnetic separators for industry and commercial uses, the company was acquired in 2003 by Lauyans EPS. In 2021, W.M. Kelley purchased Metal-Katcher. Today, W.M. Kelley proudly continues to manufacture the Metal-Katcher Product line in the USA.

This is an introduction to our magnetic sweepers.

Our engineers design and manufacture eleven styles of permanent magnet sweepers for both standard and custom uses. Ceramic and rare-earth magnets are used to suit our customers’ needs precisely. Construction is of heavy-gauge mild and stainless steel; not sheet metal, plastic, or aluminum.

We offer a wide array of magnetic sweepers. These come in three forms: hand-operated sweepers, suspended sweepers, and towed sweepers.

Some of the hand-operated sweepers aren’t much larger than a push-broom. They can be used to clean up nails around a construction site or scraps of steel around a stamping, grinding, or machining operation. Wheels make them easily maneuverable in tight spots.

Suspended sweepers are larger, more powerful, and wider. They are mounted on a forklift, a pickup or a tug to clear facility aisles or parking lots of ferrous metals.

Metal-Katcher is well-known in the aircraft industry. We offer towed sweepers up to 8’ wide. These units can also be put together to sweep much wider areas such as aprons and runways. Towed sweepers can be ganged together quickly and easily to sweep up to 24’ of surface area in a single pass.

One feature of all our magnetic sweepers you’ll appreciate is how easy it is to remove the metallic uptake from the magnet.

Our experts know magnetic sweepers. What is the problem you’re facing with ferrous object debris in your operation? Call us. We know how to come up with a solution for you.

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