Drawer Magnet
Drawer Magnet options
Designed especially for plastics molding operations, the Metal-Katcher Drawer Magnet will provide the final defense against tramp metal intrusion and possible damage to expensive molding equipment. Drawer Magnets are constructed of heavy-gauge metal to support the compression loads required when mounted between the hopper and the throat of the molding machine. A Lexan drawer front allows the operator to easily see when the magnets require cleaning.

Metal-Katcher manufactures each Drawer Magnet to customer requirements based on feed and discharge openings and mounting flange specifications.


  • Heavy 10 gauge or 3/16 steel construction
  • 1/4″ custom flanges
  • High intensity ceramic magnets in durable stainless steel tubes
  • Lexan drawer front


  • All stainless steel units
  • Rare Earth magnets
  • Purge hopper
  • Dump tube
  • Liquid port
  • Shut off gate
  • Low profile units
  • Easy clean units

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